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 Air Quality Testing and Mold Testing Services

Air Quality testing or mold testing in Ottawa may be necessary in order to determine exactly what we are dealing with. In some cases you may be experiencing symptoms of mold or you may smell mould but there are no visible traces of mold in your home, in these cases air quality testing is required to determine what we are dealing with and to help pin point the areas in your home with the highest concentrations of mold.

If you are in the market for a new home in Ottawa it is a good idea to have Mold Removal Ottawa perform air quality testing or a mold inspection prior to purchasing your new home, this may save you lots of unpleasant surprizes and money and may point out underlying mold problems you may not have known otherwise.

It is recommended to have the air quality tested in your home annually to safeguard against any toxins that may be polluting the air quality in your home.

Air quality testing allows Mold Removal  determine how elevated the mold is , the types of molds we are dealing with, how toxic the molds we are dealing with and gives us a better idea of the areas that are most affected by moulds in your home. Mold remediation & mold abatement in Ottawa . Black mold removal in Ottawa . mold remediation ottawa Ontario Brockville

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